Coding is like a puzzle, and sometimes the best way to solve it is to take a step back and look at the big picture. - Teddy Oweh

Using graph theory algorithms and simulations, to optimaize paths and travel times between nodes on a geospatial map

Presented new mathematical models that extend methodology which incorporates relationships (edges) between indivduals (nodes) to create a network graph on which a disease outbreaks.

Custom Tree AI/MODEL Algorithms & Parallel Programming to simulate / play Naija Whot (African Card Game) - Similar to Uno Card Game

NLP Text Binary Probabilistic Classification Model for predicting cheat statements

Micros-service System for NLP Text Binary Probabilistic Classification Model for integrations with Applications

Database system utilizes AES encryption for JSON data, providing secure and easy remote access, management, and deployment.

Microservice for remote deployment of Beardb Databases.

Website Documentation for BearDB and BearDBAPI

Developed 90% of the codebase of a payload system used in a Rocket launched at est. 4,600fts to carry out various image processing techniques based on commands from an SDR Radio Receiver custom functions was developed to parse commands. With Raspberry Pi as the microcontroller

SLIC (Swift Low-latency Intercommunication) simplifies client-server communication using tcp / p2p protocols while focusing on latency reduction through low-latency intercommunication techniques. By optimizing network protocols, minimizing data processing overhead, with optimized algorithms for data serialization and deserialization, reducing processing overhead and improving efficiency. Alternative to REST API Architectures.

Omarke is a facial recognition system that incorporates a binary search algorithm to efficiently search for absent faces in pictures based on a given dataset. It employs a state-of-the-art facial recognition model for identifying individuals, leveraging its advanced capabilities to provide accurate and reliable results. The use of binary search further optimizes the process, allowing for faster and more efficient searches.

Developed a Cosine Similarity-Based Code Comparison Tool, while i was a student tutor/grader at my university to analyze if students copied code and changed portions of the code and variable names

Distributed P2P File Transfer Protocol over TCP Network

Designed a Fitness Training Website for a Client

Backend Microservice & Payment Gateway System for 7 Trials Strength Training Website

Designed a Website for an on campus Event

My Current Website.

My Previous Website.

Backend System for website analytics and contact for system api endpoints

My Previous Website.